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Kansas City Deck Repair

Most families in Kansas City enjoy their deck or porch as a peaceful spot to relax or entertain. With the high humidity that Kansas City experiences, caring for your deck can be a very frustrating experience. Because decks are constantly exposed to the elements, particulary moisture, they can sometimes show signs of weathering just days after installing.

Very often, it is the deck flooring that goes first. With the flat surface constantly exposed to the elements and negligence, it doesn't take long for kansas city wood rot to set in.

When the deck flooring breaks or wears out, the integrity of the structure is compromised. If the weak area in the floor is not quickly repaired, it can lead to further damage. Replacing the damaged boards is a farily easy and quick task, however.

Inspect for Damage

Deck flooring is either nailed or screwed down to the framing. The first step is always inspecting the deck. You will need to determine the extent and cause of the damage. If it is due to wood rot or water damage, make sure you find the source of he problem so that can be addressed also. Look for drainage issues and clean out any clogged pipes. You will also need to check all of the posts, beams and joists that are close to the ground because they also may be experiencing damage.

Remove and repair damaged areas

If you suspect wood rot, you can use a screwdriver to test the damaged places. The screwdriver will easily penetrate any compromised areas of the wood. If the wood is soft, then it should be replaced.

To remove screws or nails, use a screwdriver or nail puller. Sometimes, the boards will be hard to budge - a crowbar comes in handy in these instances. Weather-damaged boards sometimes twist out of shape, popping nails and creating an uneven walking surface. These boards can often be fixed rather than replaced.

When new boards are needed to replace damaged sections of the deck, itís a good idea to use a biodegradable cleaner and brightening agent on the older portions of the deck so that the new and old parts of the deck more closely match. A sealer should also be used to finish off the deck and guard against moisture. HandyMan Allen not only specializes in Kansas City Deck Repair, but also deck cleaning.

Fix popped nails

When wood shrinks and expands in weather, it can cause nails to pop up out of the boards. The best way to fix these is to replace the nails with longer, thicker nails that will have a better hold. Galvanized deck screws are often the preferred choice since they grab the wood better and are less likely to pop back up. A drift punch can also be used to countersink the nails into the wood.

Deck modifications and improvements

Decks come in many styles and can be modified relatively easily to fit your changing needs. A single deck can be converted to a multi-level deck, or a basic rectangular deck can be changed to an L-shaped, wrap-around style. Other alterations include adding accessories such as gazebos, planters, or built-in seats. If your deck overlooks a shoreline or other windy areas, your railing can be converted into a windbreak by using framed glass panels to enclose your deck. Stairs, or wheelchair ramps, can also be added to decks to aid in accessibility.

HandyMan Allen specializes in repairing Kansas City Decks. If you are interested in Kansas City Deck Repair, please contact us or call at 913-808-5518 for an estimate.

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